Digital design for a modern furniture and design retailer

Bluesuntree are a modern furniture and design retailer. Following years of successful business, Bluesuntree returned to Un.titled looking to take their ageing website and deliver a clean, modern, responsive redesign.

Client: BluesuntreeAgency: Un.titledServices: Digital Design Direction, UX Design, Art Direction

We wanted to create a digital experience that embodies the nature of Bluesuntree products – a clean, decluttered aesthetic which is minimal and unobtrusive – placing emphasis on the products.

Useful meta data

When browsing online, it's easy to be overwhelmed by choice. As a result we broke the categories down into Sub-categories to help users drill down into the type of products they're looking for first.

Providing useful meta data – such as the number of products within a sub-category, and descriptions of the type of product – help user to make a more informed choice.


At the forefront of the design is the great photography Bluesuntree have at their disposal – both lifestyle and product photography. All product photography was cut-out to give us greater control and in art direction.

We used lifestyle photography for categories and subcategories, helping users to contextualise how products live within a space.

Shop by room

What good is inspirational lifestyle photography on the web, when you can't use it to find out more about the collation of products in the shot?

We took the great lifestyle photography Bluesuntree had in abundance and combined them with clickable 'hotspots' that allowed users to interact with the products – offering a new way to shop.