Designing a new way to learn the guitar

Lick Library are a guitar lessons streaming service. Working with Philip Storey, we helped Lick Library to create a more engaging platform by designing a user centric service which puts the user in control of the content.

Services: Product Design, UX, Design & Art DirectionClient: Lick LibraryAgency: Enchant

Designing to discover

The main challenge we had to tackle was making it easier for users to discover content. We devised several discovery methods – curated playlists, Artist and Tutor landing pages and a more structured templating system helped users to drill down into the content.

Getting to know you

A key feature which we built the new product around was the onboarding process. Rather than throw users in at the deep-end with hundreds of lessons, we created an onboarding process which would help us to understand 3 key aspects of the user – their interests, their skill level and how much time they had to play guitar each week.

With this, we could create curated lesson plans that emphasised the value of the service to the user.

Content curation

Along with offering methods of helping the user to drilldown through the content, we wanted to offer the means for the user to create their own meaningful relationships with the content.

We created a new feature called Lesson Plans, which were pre-made playlists that a user could subscribe to. Lessons plans would help to group lessons together around a purpose – solos, arpeggios, genres – helping users to jump into a video and get playing.

Additionally, users could create their own personal playlists of lessons, allowing them to bookmark lessons to revisit, and build up their own libraries of lessons.

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