Design direction for a fashion discovery app

Stylity is a fashion discovery startup helping you to find the outfit you’ll love. Working directly as Lead Product Designer, we worked in an an iterative, agile manner to deliver an MVP product – from prototypes through to the full iOS app design.

Client: StylityServices: UX Design, UI Design, Product Design

Helping you to discover clothes that you love

The purpose of Stylity is to help you discover outfits you'll love, at a fraction of the price. Through the sign-up process we get to know the user and are able to present them with groupings of looks – users can then use the slider to adjust the price and 'risk' to rebuild outfits using a combination of high street, boutique, luxury and second hand items.

We wanted to make it easy for users to swipe through the looks we've curated for them – we prototyped several discovery flows and tested these with users.

Users scroll through top level 'looks' we've curated for them based on lifestyle imagery, users can then dive deeper and explore the look – the individual items we've curated to create the outfit, and why it works for them

From the Look Detail view, users can adjust the outfit based around price and style, and swap out specific items for other recommended alternatives.


Build new outfits around your existing wardrobe

A common pain-point we found with our audience is that they would often have an item of clothing they loved collecting dust in their wardrobe.

We created a feature within the app that allowed the user to take a picture of their item, provide a few details and we would use this to recommend new outfits. This helps a user to regain the investment spent in valuable items they already owned.